Class of 99

Its been 20 years since we left our alma mater (time flies) !
Lets all come together for an event to celebrate ourselves and our old school

Thank you for your patience in giving the planning committee time to gather relevant information and establish a course of action for our 20th anniversary celebration. Further to this, we are now in a position to inform you of the following:


We are planning a give back project to our alma mater, as well as a dinner/networking event.

Following a number of visits to the school by a delegation of the planning committee, and discussions with the current commandant, as well as some of the teachers and students, we have deliberated and decided on the following, which meet the prominent needs of the school:

- Refurbishment of the male and female toilets in one of the senior blocks

- Provision of materials for the construction of student tables and chairs


The dates for the anniversary events will be the 16th and 17th of August 2019.

The first of these dates has been set aside for the unveiling of our give back project at the school, as well as a commemorative event to mark the occasion.

The second of these dates has been set aside for the dinner/networking event.

The details of both events, including the venue of the latter, will be confirmed in due course.


To help make the above project and events possible, the planning committee has concluded that a minimum of NGN20,000 per person is required to execute the project and event. This sum serves as a ticket to the dinner/networking event also.
We have gone with this approach to ensure that the required amount is as affordable as possible. However, we implore colleagues who are willing and able to donate more to please do so to help ensure that we are able to conveniently accomplish our set goals.


A. CHIEF LAUNCHER: N1,000,000 (+10 guests free).

B. DIAMOND: N100,000 (+2 guests free).

C. PLATINUM: N50,000 (+1 guest free).

D. GOLD: N20,000.

We have opened a dedicated bank account for this purpose.

Bank Name: Zenith Bank

Account Name: Sapara, Agboade, and Unachukwu

Account Number: 1006249536

Our Finance Director, Tola Sapara, with the support of the regional directors will help facilitate the collection of your contributions. The sooner we can collate the sum, the sooner we can begin the projects and be finished prior to the unveiling on the 16th of August 2019. Thus, your prompt response would be much appreciated.


A. For anyone so inclined, we have made provision for payments to be made in instalments for ease of personal finance management. Please contact the finance director for further information.

B. While we would like for all to be a part of the anniversary weekend in person, we recognise that this may not be practical for everyone. Thus if you fall within this category, we would like to request that you still make your contribution to the proposed projects and events.

C. If you are intending to attend the dinner/networking event with your spouse or other guests, please note that we will be required to pay an additional NGN10,000 per guest.


In addition to the above, some colleagues have expressed an interest to partly or fully sponsor a current AFSSI student. If this is something you are considering doing, please get in touch with the deputy chairperson, who is responsible for coordinating this with the school. He will be able to answer any questions you may have in relation to this including the current tuition fees for JSS1 to SS3 students.

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Committee Members

Our committee members



Chizoba Ugbene - Orekie
Ogadimma Onwuaduegbo
Deputy Chairperson
Kunle Olufisan
Communications Director
Eloka Amaobi
PR & Social Media Director
Tola Sapara
Finance Director
Bimbo Taiwo - Agboade
Events Director
Wande Dawodu
Deputy Events Director 1
Ehizogie Obakpolor - Unachukwu
Deputy Events Director 2 & Year book Director
Heanyi Bob Nwachukwu
Deputy PR & Social Media Director